Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Education Abroad World Calling You

India has an acute shortage of people in the medical field which includes Doctors, Nurses, and Paramedics etc., especially for Doctors which has created a serious problem.

The current statistics tell us that there are 750,000 doctors in India, which amounts to only one for every 1,425 people. (Until recently, many doctors would avoid rural service, leaving an even greater void in the places that needed it most.) With an eye towards closing this gap, the Medical Council of India has discussed the idea of shortening the curriculum for students receiving Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degrees, delivering them into the field a year early.

There are total of 30,000 (approx.) medical seats in Govt. colleges for which 10 lakh students compete on annual basis, for each seat 200 students compete which makes it impossible for other students to get a medical seat in these colleges & the fees in Private Institutes is exuberantly high, not all students can go to USA, UK, Canada or other European countries to pursue their medical degree, as its very expensive.

This alarming situation has created alternative routes for MBBS Indian Students where they can pursue their degree, which are Russia, Ukraine, China, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia etc. These countries are emerging as a medical hubs for South East Asian Students, huge influx of students are travelling to these countries as the admission process is  easy, moreover the fees & the cost of living is affordable. The teaching methods & facilities especially for MBBS students are modern & can be compared with any world class Universities.

MBBS in Russia” is gaining a lot of popularity amongst Indian Students as it has always maintained cordial relationship with India, same is the case with MBBS in Bangladesh where the language & culture is similar of what is in India, both these countries are becoming favorite destinations for Indian Students.

There are other countries as well where the fees of pursuing MBBS is extremely low, but follow highest standards in teaching like MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, MBBS in Ukraine, MBBS in Philippines.

MBBS in China is also picking the pace in India, as the Chinese Universities are considered to be one of the best in the world.

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